Our Mission




“Make the most of the Indian Hemp Seed and sow it everywhere.” — George Washington  


Local Seamstresses are making protective hemp masks for medical personnel and everyday citizens. 

We  are all together in these unprecedented times and never more has it been so very important to unite for the health and well-being of the world. One very profound preventive measure to help slow the spread of the COVID19  virus is hemp. Protective clothing for use by private citizens is a necessity today. Balancing our immune system through CBD oil is also a necessity today. Both of these critical health care measures are the  focus of Hawaii Hemp, LLC.

Hemp  gives personal protection for the wearer blocking airborne germs from entering or exiting through the mask. Hemp is the only fabric that does  this amazing filtration through the fabric. These masks are washable,  affordable, and they are made from affordable hemp fabric. Hemp is the  #1 fabric from the past breaking into our present again. Our American  flag, sewn by Betsy Ross was made from hemp and is still intact today. Famous blue jeans were originally made of hemp but they did not wear out so company switched to cotton.

Hemp  has been a controversial plant for centuries, however now is the time  for its well-deserved rise to the important place it deserves in our world.

Hemp Masks FAQ's:

* These chemical-free all-natural masks offer protection against airborne pollutants & contagious viral respiratory diseases.

* These masks are hand-washable, reusable and totally organic. They contain No PVC vinyl. 

* No PFA forever chemicals. Chemical-free. Hypoallergenic. No pesticides. No GMO. No dyes.

* Hemp fabric is naturally resistant to bacteria and provides natural UV protection.

*  Hemp material is antimicrobial, naturally resistant to mold, mildew,  and odor, important while wearing a covering over your nose and mouth. This is One Major Anti-bacterial and anti- microbial PPE (Personal Protective  Equipment) solution.

*  Hemp Masks become softer with each wear as it wears in and not out. This is very important if you are wearing your mask for a long time. This makes them super comfortable and does not cause abrasions on your delicate facial skin.

*  Hemp face masks are breathable and moisture-wicking, allowing your face  to breathe as they adjust to the temperature of your face to keep you comfortable.  The top and bottom ties on each side allow you to custom fit your mask. They are strong and biodegradable, can be washed  frequently and they will maintain in shape and size.

Our Methodology and Benefits

1. Hawaii Hemp, LLC will purchase Gold Standard hemp fabric from Canna Bliss Shopping, LLC benefiting hemp advocacy and education for seniors at Cannabis Seniors.

2.  Hawaii Hemp, LLC will employ seamstresses who are isolated in their homes here in Kauai, Hawaii using their own sewing machines. We will also be employing people throughout Hawaii as we expand. Working from home helps to slow the  COVID19 virus spread, maintains the required social distancing and gives  people the income necessary to live a somewhat normal life until the  virus is conquered. Plus we are incurring no overhead which allows us to make more lifesaving masks at less cost.

3.  Hawaii Hemp, LLC has designed and will produce lightweight hemp shawls  with an attached scarf for face protection. They can also have hoodies to further protect from airborne pathogens adding allure, color and style.

4.  As we increase our funding through GoFundMe and other sources, Hawaii Hemp, LLC will negotiate a long term agricultural land lease in Kauai, Hawaii (The Garden Island) to grow, harvest and utilize all parts of the hemp plant for oils, water, fabric, building materials and hempcrete and much, much more.

5. Hawaii Hemp, LLC is laying the foundation for the Bohemian Hempress Hotel built from floor to ceiling with Hawaii Hemp to be built in Kauai, Hawaii.